PlannerSource shields you from unnecessary calls, emails, and communications that eat your valuable time.

We'll field follow-up calls from prospective hotels.

RFP Management

PlannerSource has a very flexible process to begin your search for the perfect venue for your meetings and events.  You may provide your requirements any way you like, by phone, email, fax, or our online RFP form.  You can attach your own requirements or RFP document, copy and paste your requirements into our text box field, complete our online RFP form, or just simply call us and give us your details verbally over the phone.

We will optimize your meeting or event details in a way that highlights what is most important and attractive to hotels.  We will format these details to ensure the quickest possible response and match the requirements to the most appropriate hotel sites.  We will then distribute the RFP directly to the proper sales person who handles your organization by geographical territory, size of meeting, and market segment.

An important part of PlannerSource services is to shield you from uncessary phone calls, emails, and hotel communications that eat your valuable time, and attempt to derail your objective evaluation of the actual data and facts necessary for you to make the best decision on the perfect site selection.  We will sort through all the disparate marketing information, hotel collateral, generic proposals, electronic brochures, and other communication to distill down all this data to just the relevant information that you need to objectively decide where your meeting or event will take place and what is in the best interest of your organization.

Let PlannerSource manage your next RFP!