PlannerSource has longstanding relationships with all major hotel brands, giving you the edge in negotiations.


PlannerSource is a volume producer of business for all major hotel brands and therefore has the ability to command the best possbile rates available on any given date, at any hotel, based on the number of guest rooms and meeting space required.  Much like the realty business, it is a much better strategy and standard practice for a third party to conduct your negotiations rather than you contacting a hotel facility directly.  PlannerSource has an intimate understanding, based on years of experience, of what the objectives are on both sides of the planner-hotel negotiation table and can use this knowledge to your advantage.

Many elements must come together in negotiations to ensure you have the best possible package for your program.  Event space rental, food and beverage minimums, event technology pricing and discounts, guest room attrition, cancellation clauses, and additional hotel concessions all make up the complex negotiations necessary to provide the best value to your organization.

Let PlannerSource manage your next hotel contract negotiation!