We simplify finding a location for your event with our large database of hotels and convention centers.

We can quickly filter locations based on your meeting's requirements.

Site Selection

PlannerSource has unique tools that help identify the most important elements that you are looking for to make your meeting or event a success.  These elements, along with relevant hotel information, are compiled into a comprehensive comparative analysis grid for each RFP you require.  This grid is delivered in a spreadsheet format for your review, followed by a phone call from PlannerSource to provide personal consultation to you to go over your options and determine if there is any additional criteria that you need to make a decision.

PlannerSource also offers actual onsite Site Inspection services for your organization.  Either we will arrange for you and your associates to perform a site inspection that may include complimentary overnight accommodations for a facility review, food sampling, and service evaluation, or PlannerSource will conduct this site inspection for you on behalf of your organization. (travel expenses may apply)

Let PlannerSource assist with your next site selection or arrange for, or conduct, your next site inspection!