We'll help develop the look and feel of your event.

Our custom staging design allows you to transform the event space.

Event Branding & Staging Design

Most events are planned with the goal of bringing people together to make connnections with each other, with your brand, or with your organization. EtherBranding focuses on holistic design approaches that transform the meeting space environment into something that incorporates  your identity and event concept, creating a more memorable and focused experience for your attendees.

Event Branding Services

Event Theming and Environment Enhancement 

EtherBranding works with customers to develop conference and event themes, from logos to printed materials to projection and presentation concepts. 

Ranging from banners, gobos, podium wraps and floor coverings, to registration booth design, ambient projections or slideshows for parties and dinners, EtherBranding seamlessly expands your event look and feel into other areas of the event environment, including your digital assets.

Staging Design 

The centerpiece of a conference or event is often the general session stage design. From projected motion video backgrounds, to full stage design with pedestals, interview seating and other concepts, we can help define the look and feel of your event. 3D animated flythroughs help you to visualize your staging design and event flow in the actual meeting space.