Meeting space and hotel contracts can be very detailed and confusing.

PlannerSource will review your contract to ensure nothing is left out.

Contract Review

No matter how many times you ask a hotel to provide specific elements in your contract, they invariably miss items that are important to you.  This is because they are accustomed to simply sending out boilerplate contracts that have been pre-approved by their management and attorneys.  This results in several iterations of sending the contract back and forth making modifications until it is acceptable for your signature.

PlannerSource offers a contract review service that verifies the elements of the hotel proposal and subsequent negotiations are adequately reflected in the contract.  In addition, PlannerSource compares all hotel boilerplate clauses to industry standards to ensure your organization does not get an unanticpated surprise after the fact.  PlannerSource will highlight any questionable items or clauses, and upon your request, will work with the hotel to modify them to your satisfaction.

In addition to managing the many revisions that generally take place to obtain a solid contractual agreement, PlannerSource also manages the signature copies of the agreement.  Too often a hotel will consider your signature an indication that you are confirmed definite at their facility when, in fact, until you receive a countersigned copy that is full executed, including intials by both parties on any modifications, it is not a legally binding agreement.

Let PlannerSource manage your next contract review!